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SIS M3.5

The current SIS M3.5 mobile frost unit design has been significantly upgraded. The unit now has a rolled steel cowling with a powder coat finish and will provide protection for an area of up to 3 hectares. This unit is completely portable with inbuilt forklift tyne pockets. Council approval is not required and the unit can be moved anywhere or stored offsite when not in use.


The new SIS M3.5 frost unit has an upgraded drive train with a more powerful engine and gearbox. The new engine is a “KOHLER COMMAND PRO ECH 730”. Engine capacity is a 25 HP EFI twin cylinder V drive (up from 13 HP). The Electronic Fuel injection system has inbuilt sensors that will sense current air temperature when energised and automatically adjusts fuel mixture on start up. This new design enables easy integration of the new digital auto start system or can be easily retrofitted. There is no choke function.


The new M3.5 frost unit gear box has also been upgraded from the current Bonfigliolli worm drive design to an SEW “EURODRIVE” KA37 AD2. This design is a right angle bevel drive gearbox.


The new design automatic start control is a “BOLEC DCS 968 AUTOMATIC START CONTROLLER”. This all-digital unit is complete with a dial up temperature frost switch. The integral frost switch allows presetting of the engine start temperature (usually + 2o C) by simply dialling the temperature to the required setting. The “MODE SWITCH” is easily operated and has three mode settings:

OFF-RESET :Controller is disabled all relays are de-energised.

AUTO :Controller awaits the start signal and controls the Engine Starting.

TEST :Manual Control. DCS 968 Controller will automatically start and run the engine at the dialled temperature setting on the frost switch.